Author: Deanna Peterson


DIY Flip Photo Album

DIY Flip Photo Album In case you’re looking to make a DIY gift that…doesn’t look like you made it… I’ve got you covered! Especially when it comes to the parents. They’re always the tricky ones (love you, Mom & Dad!). You can never go wrong with gifting photos to parents, […]


DIY Snowball Pillow

DIY Snowball Pillow To get a head start for keeping the house cozy after the holiday decor is packed away, I, Erin, decided my living room was in need of a little extra texture with this playful DIY snowball pillow to celebrate the current state of things here in Minneapolis: […]


Mini Cookie Butter Tarts

Mini Cookie Butter Tarts You all know the token delicious cookies that they serve on flights, right? The ones that are super crunchy and a perfect mix of sweet and zesty? They’re officially known as Biscoff Cookies or speculoos, but I, Alyssa, prefer to call them little morsels of heaven. […]